Post date: Aug 8, 2016 2:26:11 AM

I would like to thank you for the domination of 10 000 dollars that you send us for the poor people in Pakistan.

With this money we feed and educate many poor children boys and girls. We are having more than 100 children living with us and they depend everything from us.

We help many sick people by helping them to do the operation when needed and buy for them the medicine.

We give the water in the poor families by in stole the water hand pumps in their houses Some houses are fallen because they are made of mud and I am helping them to build at least a room not to stay on the road.

All these things we are doing because of the generosity of good people like you.

I thank God and I thank the people of Australia whom are helping the Sacred Heart Organization for helping the poor people.

I promise you my prayers with the children and the people whom are been helped from you.

God bless you all,

Sr Rachele Agius op