Post date: Feb 23, 2016 12:44:22 AM

I would like thank you for the donation of $10 000 that you sent us for the poor people in Pakistan.With this money we feed and educate many poor children boys and girls. We are having more than 100 children living with us and they depend on us for everything.

We help many sick people by helping them to have operations when needed and buy them medicine.

We give water to the poor families by installing the water hand pumps in their houses.

Some houses are destroyed / collapsed because they are made of mud and I am helping them to build at least a room to avoid them having to live on the road.

All these things we are doing are possible because of the generosity of good people like you.

I thank God and I thank the Australian benefactors of MSC Mission Office Australia for helping the poor people here.

I promise you my prayers with the people whom have been helped by your generosity.

God bless you all,

Sr Rachele Agius op

One wonders what it would take to prioritise – theologically, ethically, and institutionally – issues of fresh water access in the global church. For fresh water is interwoven with the most pressing realities that populations and regions will face in the twenty-first century, from agriculture to climate change to political stability, and more. Moral theologians have begun to insist that it is necessary to “develop internal and external practices that help us to respect our environment, particularly water and our universal dependence on it.” If fresh water scarcity isn’t the definitive “sign of the times,” then what is?