Centre NDSC, Untandeni, FADA, Burkina Faso

Post date: Feb 17, 2014 9:58:05 PM


(Centre NDSC, Untandeni, FADA, BF)

The Girls’ Center in Untandeni, Fada, in Burkina Faso whose building was funded by the FDNSC Australian Province, the MSC Mission Office and the Australian Overseas Aid Fund is finally open and operational. The OLSH Sisters who are on mission at the Girls’ Center live in a convent situated in the same property.

The keys to the buildings were turned over by the building contractor to the OLSH Sisters on October 8, 2013. Five days after, on the 13th of October, the blessing of the buildings and the installation of the new OLSH community took place. The community in Untandeni, named Mary Fyfe Community, is composed of three Sisters, one Brazilian (Sr Maria Jose) and two Africans (Srs Marguerite and Monique).

After a month of further preparations, on November 18, 2013, the sisters opened the doors of the Center to their first group of girls. The Center, named after and dedicated to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (Centre NDSC or OLSH Centre), is envisioned to become a home to Burkinabe girls who do not go to school. At the Center, they will be cared for and taught important skills. At the moment, there are 12 girls who come to the Center during the day and they are learning how to crochet. They still live in their respective homes. The Sisters hope that in early 2014, these and other new girls will begin to live in the Center.

With the opening of Centre NDSC, the OLSH in Burkina Faso are now managing two girls’ Centers. The first one, called Le Foyer Sainte Agnés (St Agnes Girls’ Centre) is owned by the diocese. This is a home for girls who go to school (it functions like a dormitory). Four OLSH Sisters minister to the girls in this centre. In the school year 2013-2014, they had 54 girls. The second (Centre NDSC) is owned and managed by the OLSH and it caters to girls who come from poorer families and who, for various reasons, do not go to school and thus are generally more marginalized.

Thank you to all our benefactors! The dream of the past years is now a reality!