Post date: Jan 8, 2013 12:03:53 AM

With the financial help of Australian MSC Mission office, we expanded our piggery and chicken breeding.

During this year (2012), our community sold twelve pigs for 3 795.98 € (2 490 000 F-XAF local currency). We can also sell the same number this year because we have 35 pigs now. Our pigs breeding piggery is expanded. We are

very grateful to Australian Mission office. But after only one year this piggery ¡s plenty. We are satisfied with this activity. It’s really a great help for our MSC District.

We built chickens breeding house to sustain our pastoral work locally.

At the end of the last holiday (beginning of September) our community was able to help two disadvantages youths to go to school.

Father Gabriel NAIKOUA, MSC