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Vietnam - Cai Ran Parish

posted Nov 28, 2013, 3:18 PM by MSC Mission Office Australia
First of all I would like to greet you with good health, joyful living in the love and peace of the Lord and Mother Mary.

I am Rev. Martin Nguyen Hoang Hon, Cai Ran parish priest, Can Tho Diocese.

We are so happy that, through Fr. Superior, we have received the amount of AUD8,000 (=VND152,000,000) which you sent to us for the building of the water purifying system and the facility room.

We have used the amount for as follows:

  1. Water purifying system:       104,137,000VND
  2. Building the facility room:      46,651,000VND
  3. Two inox treatment tanks:      12,800,000VND

Total:                                                162,800,000VND

(The contribution of the local people is 10,000,000VND)

As I wrote to you in the letter of application, we have about 100 kindergarten kids, 30-50 patients coming to ask for medicine every day.  Moreover, many of them suffer from digestive sickness. But from now on, we have clean water to serve the poor, and we will have no more worry about such illness. On behalf of the poor people here, sincerely thank you very much.

May God and Mother Mary bless you all.


Sincerely yours, 

Signed & Stamped

Rev. Martin Nguyen Hoang Hon

Cai Ran Parish Priest.