Each year over 25 million people die of diseases related to water

  • People in developed countries spend in excess of $17 billion each year on food for their pets. It would only require half of this money to ensure that everyone had access to clean water.
  • Unsafe water supply and poor sanitation is responsible for 80% of all diseases in the world.
  • 1 in every 6 people lacks access to clean water

Clean Water

MSC Clean Water projects seek to improve the conditions of communities in a sustainable way. It is based on working with communities, rather than for or on behalf of communities.


South Sudan - Fresh drinking Water for three village communities

posted Dec 19, 2016, 4:05 PM by MSC Mission Office Australia   [ updated Dec 19, 2016, 4:21 PM ]

Sr Rita Grunke is back in Australia at the moment and has brought a request for five new bore wells in South Sudan. She is requesting the Mission Office donors to support three of these and will be asking a Brisbane Parish for funding of the other two. The company that does the wells will only travel from Juba if there are five wells to be drilled.

Sr Grunke writes:

This project is for Provision of Fresh drinking Water for three village communities who are without access to fresh clean drinking water.

Two Community Settlements are within Mapuordit Parish; the third is a Satellite school which we support with basic school supplies but are without water.

The provision of water points with hands pumps for three communities whose requests have been on the waiting list for over 12 months. Each location is at least three Km from their nearest water point. Panajak has a very active female leader who will develop a garden when the water point becomes a reality. Barbol school children are disadvantaged in that water is not available on school site. On hot days teaching hours are shortened due to lack of water. The women at Panabuna have pleaded for more than twelve months for water closer to home.

The main beneficiaries are the one hundred plus persons at each location, who will enjoy an adequate water supply for drinking and cooking; those to benefit directly are young girls and women who currently walk long distances like 3 and 4 Km for their water. There is no river near by the locations nor an alternative water source like roadside ponds and natural ponds. Students at Barbol school number 367 pupils and range from Grade 1 to Grade 8. Of the three locations Barbol is of top priority.

The local communities are contributing land for the water points; clearing paths to access the borehole; organising fruit tree seedlings for planting when water becomes available; each community will be responsible for future upkeep and maintenance of boreholes

I am requesting funds for 5 boreholes, because the Juba-based company will go the distance for a minimum of five work sites. Their product is of excellent quality; the depth of drilling allows for a future submersible pump. From MSC Mission Office I am requesting three water points for 2017 and a similar request is with a Brisbane parish for two water points for 2017.

Deep gratitude from all beneficiaries for all you are and have been to communities with no fresh, clean water except at the distance of three Km.

Sr. Rita Grunke
Date: 20th December, 2016

A quotation for the three bore wells has been received at $AU42,000.

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Please donate and
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for Clean Water and
write "Sr Rita South Sudan" in the comments field.

Cameroon - MSC POST-NOVITIATE, Yaoundé-Nkolbisson

posted Nov 29, 2016, 4:41 PM by MSC Mission Office Australia

Brother MANGA ATEMENGUE Jean Juvénal writes from the MSC POST-NOVITIATE to ask for funds for repairs to the water pump that provides water to the Novitiate and surrounding community.

"Since the beginning of the year 2016 we have experienced breakdowns in our water installations: grilled pump, tired contactor, etc.

The cause can take days to repair.

Technicians believe this is related to the bad electricity that is provided to us and its instability. They also believe that our facilities are overburdened by the demand for water coming from our community and the neighbouring populations who draw water from these installations since two years thanks to the facilities financed by you and the Mission Office.

They therefore propose to install a new pump which will serve as a relay not only to have water in case of power failure, but to help rest from time to time the current installations.

The project will help the Community of the MSC Post-Novitiate in Yaoundé-Nkolbisson/CAMEROON and the all the neighbourhood: young people and their families."

A quotation for the work and equipment has been received at $AU8,500.

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Lakeside, Gazelle, East New Britain

posted Nov 27, 2016, 4:37 PM by MSC Mission Office Australia   [ updated Nov 27, 2016, 4:38 PM ]

Fr Caspar Towaninara msc writes from East New Britain about four water tanks just installed:

The Groups which have received tanks are so grateful indeed to MSC Mission Office and Water Project for the tremendous gesture of charity and mercy. It would not have come at a better time than during this year's special Jubilee Year of Mercy (2016). The messages resonated via social media Face book is an indication of Gladness and Gratitude to the MSC Mission Office and Water Project.


The first 4 Tuffa Tanks were delivered to the first Four Groups. Group Leaders, who are all males were also somehow, caught with their pants either half-way up or down. It was a first of its kind to them and their Groups beyond their simple comprehension capacities and preparedness. I had to make sure they had everything right. Their contribution included these purchased items: I. Cement (for mixture with stones and sand) for Tank Stands, 2. Descent Iron Roofing, 3. Gutters, 4. Down Pipes, 5. Tap Connections and 6. Taps. With the current rainy season the Four Groups being served so far enjoy drinking clean water of life from the Tuffa Tanks (Cf. Groups Profile and Images).


Before delivery of the next 4 Tuffa Tanks I have made sure that the Groups are fully ready: Tank Stands, Iron Roofing, Gutters, Down Pipes, Tap Connections, Taps and even Locks to prevent unnecessary water wastage esp. by kids. Hence, the Groups Vunakua, Vunaluba, Navua and Vunakavananga are now ever ready and much better organized than the first Four. All members are all aware that the Tanks are meant precisely for drinking only as the members are so many. They are being educated to continue looking elsewhere for other water uses, like laundry and taking a shower...

This is a facebook post from one of the recipients:

"Today is special cos we taken delivery of a 9000 litre tank to provide the essence of life "WATER".

Special thanks and gratitude to Fr. Caspar ToWaninara,msc, MSC Sydney & Hardware Haus, Kokopo(manager). I can't help but wonder if the government of the day, thru our elected leaders (local MPs) will ever prioritize basic needs, services and development for our rural majority. I applaud and salute the agency (Catholic MSC) involved in this Water project. Thumbs up!...Feeling blessed..."

Fr Caspar has requested another four water tanks.

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Diocese of Daru-Kiunga

posted Oct 20, 2016, 5:20 PM by MSC Mission Office Australia   [ updated Nov 7, 2016, 2:00 PM ]

Here is a short acquittal report of the water tower at Peter Torot.

Our welder/metalworker Mr. Lodefikus with 2 helpers were doing the job of constructing the water tower, setting the basement, building up a scaffold, lift up the construction of the water tower, welding the elements together, painting the tower and put up the water tank.

Our plumber Mr. Joanis installed the water pump and made the water pipe connections between the water tank and the buildings.

Three different buildings are connected to the water tower - two dormitories and the mess hall with the kitchen.

Fiji - Cyclone Winston Update

posted Oct 20, 2016, 4:36 PM by MSC Mission Office Australia   [ updated Oct 20, 2016, 4:38 PM ]

South Sudan - OLSH Mapuordit - Clean Water

posted Aug 30, 2016, 6:29 PM by MSC Mission Office Australia   [ updated Aug 30, 2016, 6:30 PM ]

Thank you for your prayerful support. We need it.

The last drilling co. we had were excellent...these are some of the drillers' tents on site. A great job done.

Photo’s below show drilling at the same site. The depth is greater and beautiful fresh, "sweet" water is what the locals say. Thank you.

And also the children enjoying the water.

Sr Rita Grunke

OLSH Mapuordit

SOLOMON ISLANDS - Langa Langa Lagoon, Buma Parish, Auki

posted Aug 18, 2016, 8:42 PM by MSC Mission Office Australia

Francis Waleliofala writes from the Solomon Islands on this project to Purchase five water tanks, roofing sheets and seven hand pumps to assist local communities.

These photos were taken during the
construction stages of the slabs and installation.

All three was completed last week, except that we are waiting for the non return valves to arrive and connected.

Pump no.2 is temporarily connect with a pipe at the end and is working, but still need the non return valve.


thanks and God bless.

Fiji - Cyclone Winston Assistance Report

posted Aug 11, 2016, 6:48 PM by MSC Mission Office Australia   [ updated Aug 11, 2016, 6:50 PM ]

Mission Office Fiji
Water Tank Assistances to TC Winston Victims

Summary of Work Completed To Date
Below is a summary of the assistance provided to those families, schools, villages etc. that had been devastatingly affected by severe Tropical Cyclone Winston which had hit Fiji on 20th – 21st February, 2016.

The Mission Office Fiji had received funding to help those who have been affected by TC Winston. On 3rd March, 2016 we received FJ$28,657.00 and again on 15th April 2016 we received another donation of FJ$20,559.40. Below is the breakdown of what the funds have been used for and the balance as 3rd August 2016.

1. St. John’s College, Cawaci
Saint John’s College, Cawaci is located on the island of Ovalau. It is a Roman Catholic co-educational boarding school. The school like most of the schools in Fiji had been badly damaged by TC Winston.

Repair works are still underway.

The Mission Office had donated three water tanks, 2 X 10,200 Liters and 1 X 5,300 Liters. Below is the email explaining where the water tanks would be situated.

Thank you email sent by St. John’s College Principal Fr. Ekuasi Manu, sm to the Project manager, Mr. Thomas O’Brien.

Greetings from Cawaci! Trust this finds you and the family in good health.

I haven't forgotten to acknowledge the Sacred Heart Foundation via the local MSC superior for their kind donations of the 3 water tanks to the school. In fact they come in very handy and timely as we rebuild the school.

As you can see from the photos one is at the junior girls' hostel, 2nd one outside the Y11 block, and the 3rd one will be outside the church. The base for the 3rd one will await the completion to the church and then we'll build it.

Kind regards,

2. Korovisilou Community
Two 5,300 Liters water tank worth of FJ$2,100.00 has been donated to the Korovisilou Community. This community is located in the Province of Serua. The water tanks are positioned in places that are accessible to the community. As you can see from the pictures one is situated near the hall and the other is at a family home for the community.

3. Bua Community
Six 10,000 Liters water tanks worth FJ$12,900.00 has already been purchased for Bua village and delivered. Bua is a province in Vanua Levu (second of the major islands). The water tanks are said to be for Namalata, Kiobo village and the Kubulau District School. Each of the two villages and the school has been given 2 water tanks.

4. Sasa Village Ba
Ba is a province in Fiji occupying the north-western part of Viti Levu (one of the major islands). Sasa village had been badly damaged by TC Winston. The Mission Office donated two 10,000L water tanks to Sasa Village. We are yet to receive photos of the water tanks.

5. Ra Maternity, Health Centre
Ra is one of the provinces of Fiji in the northern part of Viti Levu. It was also one of the many places that was badly affected by TC Winston. The Mission Office donated two 10,000L water tanks to the Ra Maternity Health Centre.

6. Kanacea Community
We are yet to provide water tanks to this island, but t
he villagers have already constructed the stands for the water tanks

Wabag, Enga Province, Papua New Guinea

posted Jun 14, 2016, 6:58 PM by MSC Mission Office Australia   [ updated Jun 14, 2016, 7:02 PM ]

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance to purchase Water cans and water Tanks for 4 parishes which has been affected by the recent frost in Enga Province of Papua New Guinea.  We are really grateful to your congregation and all the benefactors who contributed to buy these water cans and tanks. 

With the assistance of your kind donation we were able to buy the Water cans and Tanks and installed the tanks and distributed the water cans to fulfill the basic needs of the people. You have been there with your generous donations which make it possible for us to create the facilities for the people in the remote areas.

Enclosed are the project narrative and finance report, Receipts, and few photos. 

We assure our prayers and let the Good Lord bless you and the donors for your generosity in helping us to distribute the water Cans and to install water tanks to the poor and the needy especially for the frost affected people.

We remember all of you in our Daily Holy Mass and Prayers.

We wish you all the best and God bless.

Yours Sincerely,

+ Rev. Arnold Orowae

Bishop of Wabag

Papua New Guinea (Oceania)

Papua New Guinea - Mount Hagen

posted May 10, 2016, 10:07 PM by MSC Mission Office Australia

Thanks for your assistance. It was a great need for us in PNG in a bigger level. This is a short brief report of the project, what we do with help coming from MSC mission Australia.

17 families received the water tanks. Not all are connected yet.

-We have 6 companies operating here and the prices are changing every now and then. The big litters going for higher price and small litters are coming down. I decided to go for 5000 litters which depend on how many members in each family.

-Two water tanks went to Simbu, is another diocese, but built two houses there. Attached is the receipt. TNA Farm tech

Thank you , God bless, Fr. Boni Umba - The people of the Catholic Archdiocese of Mt. Hagen

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