Papua New Guinea, Fr George Tami msc

posted Dec 16, 2013, 4:15 PM by MSC Mission Office Australia
Fr George Tami msc, Provincial Superior in Papua New Guinea, writes:

Some News:

Ø  There will be four members, to be ordained priests by January 2014. Hilary Kapei to be ordained in Madang, Otto Kikilia and Robert Timi to be ordained in Rabaul and Carol Tevamle to be ordained in Australia in February and be posted there. All four Priests to be, have been given their postings for the year 2014.


Ø  We recently also shared the joy of witnessing the ordinations to the ministry of deaconate of three of our confreres, namely deacon John Sela, Mathias To Ulul, and Benedict Tiara. They also have been appointed by the council to their various places for six months. Deacons Roger Alabeti and Simon Tibam to be ordained later in 2014.

Ø  The Formation  board had its meeting recently at Vunapau and came up with improved and constructive plans for our initial formation center. The new intake of pre- postulants, together with the current postulants and novices for 2014 and the six 2013 novices for scholasticate in 2014 which have been approved by the formation board and endorsed to the council, have all been approved. Thanks to the Formation team.

Ø  The Education Board also had its meeting recently and deliberated on options, possible learning institutions and personal, for improved or upgrading secondary grading of our members. Fr. Paul Jennings has open the door to us at St. Joseph’s International college for any member who wish to upgrade or repeat grades 10 to 12. DBTI and possibly the much anticipated  Catholic Secondary teachers college in Kokopo next year, can be the right place for interested priest and brothers to be trained as teachers. There are a few who have indicated an interest and please do maintain communication to finalize decisions. Br. Michael has forms for flexibility studies in any field or faculty to be filled for next year, in affiliation with DWU. One can do flexibility studies without being disturbed in one’s pastoral work or institutional responsibilities.

Ø  Almost everything cost money. The province also has been grateful to Fr. Adrian Meaney, Mission Office Australia, Fr. Neville Dunne, the MSC community in Kensington, and some individual Australian confreres for their continuous giving of  mass stipends, assistance in formation and medical costs of our men. The American province through the Sacred Heart Foundation and European Missionary foundations also have continuously assisted financially at DBC. May God bless the generous hearts of all these benefactors who continue to voluntarily sustain us financially and in kind. May God richly bless you.

With these remarks, I wish you all a safe and peaceful festive season. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous new Year 2014. God bless you!

 Fr. George Tami MSC