Cameroon - MSC Formation Request

posted Nov 25, 2013, 2:19 PM by MSC Mission Office Australia
Greetings from Yaoundé in the Cameroon.

This year, we have 20 MSC students and 8 postulants MSC.

I would ask if it is possible to support us by sending some help for the education of our youth and the future of our msc society. It is true that the UAF (Africa Union of French Speaking MSC) already pays a lot every year to support the young confreres in Theology and Philosophy.  But next to the school there are many other related costs. It is very heavy for the Union who is supporting 5 formation houses in Africa.
Since 2012, our msc students are studying at the Catholic University of Central Africa in Yaoundé in the Cameroon. University Education is higher than in the Seminary. UAF has supported the tuition and many other expenses but we still have to provide a series of expenses for students: extra school expenses, ministries, sports equipment etc...

I would like to seek assistance of 150.000 FCFA per student for the additional charges. It means that the total amount 20 MSC students in Theology will be around 3.000.000 FCFA for all of them.

I have this year 6 students in the first year of theology, 5 students in the second year of theology, 7 students in third year of Theology and 2 MSC  Brothers who are getting training in auto mechanics in the neighboring town (Douala) to the Brothers of Christian Education.

Your help will, for sure, ease the enormous burden of this year. The rest is fully supported by the Union of the French speaking msc in Africa.

God bless you and reward you a hundredfold.
For the msc Scholasticate community,
Fr. Toussaint ILUKU, msc