Papua New Guinea

posted Apr 21, 2009, 9:52 PM by MSC Mission Office Australia   [ updated May 18, 2009, 12:20 AM ]

Can we find $100,000 for HIV/AIDs programs?

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), and HIV/Aids in particular, is a nation-wide issue. This means there has to be an equal participation from all levels of people contributing to the care and prevention of HIV/Aids which should involve grass-roots, youths, Churches, NGOs, women’s groups, health workers and government bodies all working together in the issue. 

Community mobilization is a way of getting the Community involved. This will help the action against the stigma felt by people living with HIV so that they can live without discrimination. It can also provide awareness which should reduce the spreading of HIV and promote the community using its resources to care for people living with HIV/Aids and children who are orphaned. In fact, community based health care occurs when community members take on the responsibility of looking after their own and each others’ health.

Kanabea Rural Hospital is situated in the Kotidanga Sub District. It is the only hospital facilitating basic health services with the VCT centre to the 12,000 plus population. Kanabea is located in the remotest part of the Gulf Province. The hospital is run by the Kerema Catholic Health Services under the direction of Sr Dorothy David. However, with regards to the above reference, the health staff on Kanabea Rural Hospital would like to initiate a program based on Community Mobilization. The prime focus of the program is to train and mobilize community leaders who will take an active role in the involvement of the rest of the community.

Topics to cover in the program are: basic HIV/Aids information; Sexually Transmitted Infections; Gender, Human Rights and Discrimination; pregnancy and children affected by HIV; infection control and hygiene and health concerns for people living with HIV/Aids. Kanabea Rural Hospital; Lae; Morobe Province, PNG Above all, the intention of the program is to get the message on HIV/Aids and STIs across to each and every individual in the community. That will also break down some of the barriers that are hindering people from openly discussing issues on HIV and STIs. Beyond that, we would like to see sensible attitudes and people with vision to promote better and healthier living in the community