Project name: Community Mobilisation for HIV/Aids Awareness Program: Kanabea Rural Hospital. Morobe Province Lae. Papua New Guinea

posted Apr 28, 2009, 11:43 PM by MSC Mission Office Australia   [ updated Jun 14, 2010, 8:21 PM ]
Name of developing country partner: Kanabea Rural Hospital, Morobe Province Lae
Objectives: To train and mobilise community leaders who will take an active role in educating and involving their own communities about HIV/Aids. To raise awareness and prevent the spread of HIV. To remove the stigma associated with HIV/Aids so that those living with the disease are no longer discriminated against. To encourage community based health care. 
Intended beneficiaries: The 12,000 plus population of the Kotidanga sub-district who rely on the services of the Kanabea Rural Hospital.
Description of activities: The program involves having 20 participants attend a 3 day workshop as well as 3 days of field work during which time they will have learnt and discussed basic HIV/Aids information, STIs, gender, human rights and discrimination, pregnancy, infection control and hygiene. The program addressed the basic information on HIV/Aids, behavioural change, community based health care and establishing therapy for those living with HIV/Aids. The target groups for the program included village leaders, women and youth and church leaders who can then mobilise the rest of their communities.
Progress to date: As at 11 November 2008 Sr Dorothy David had trained 50 village people and these people will now be able to assist the hospital satff, by raising awareness in their own villages and in their respective local languages.
Budget: The projects expenses include the provision of food, accommodation, cook's pay, field work expenses and a resource person for the program. The total cost was AUD$3,500.